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If you’re up for turning the intriguing but sometimes odd subject of Human Anatomy into an exciting journey, you’re definitely in the right spot. The upcoming post is all about giving you a sneak peek and easy access to BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy 8th Edition PDF – covering all volumes.

Our goal is to provide you with download links for BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy 9th Edition PDF, complete with all volumes. We’ll make these available only once they’re accessible for free online and in compliance with legal regulations, ensuring you can grab them without any expense.


BD Chaurasia’s anatomy PDF is often referred to as the Anatomy Bible, and that’s no overstatement. It’s genuinely one of the most widely used anatomy books across all levels of medical education.

The book has evolved significantly since its initial release, undergoing numerous updates and revisions, while preserving its core concepts and primary purpose intact.

  • It includes lots of tables for muscles
  • It is incorporated with methods for testing
  • It’s colorful, including improved color illustrations making the other right half of the brain stimulated.


Bhagwan Din, renowned as Dr. BD Chaurasia, is an Indian educator and physician hailed as the uncelebrated champion of Indian Anatomy. His contributions are remarkable, with his books offering an exceptional blend of comprehensive and methodical anatomical information conveyed through lucid language and easily understandable line diagrams. His body of work boasts numerous publications, but this particular book claims the top spot among them all.


Imagine stepping into the world of medical colleges, eager to unravel the mysteries of the human body. That’s precisely why this book was crafted – with fresh minds in mind. It’s not just about learning the medical jargon; it’s about diving deep into the very essence of our being.

For those embarking on this enlightening journey, the book serves as an invaluable companion, offering insights into the complex web of the human body. Here’s why it’s a treasure trove for newcomers:

A Deep Dive: BD Chaurasia’s anatomy volumes are like maps guiding you through the intricate landscapes of human anatomy. The first volume, for instance, ventures into the upper limb and thorax, dissecting their secrets layer by layer.

A Wealth of Knowledge: Flip through the pages, and you’ll find around 456 pages of wisdom packed within. It might seem like a lot, but remember, it’s all about just two aspects: the upper limb and the thorax. That’s how rich the exploration gets.

Kept Fresh and Current: The world of medicine is always evolving, and so is this book. Updates keep it in tune with the latest discoveries and insights. Yet, amid all these changes, the core essence and purpose of the book remain unwavering.

Picture Perfect: A picture can speak volumes, especially when it comes to anatomy. This book doesn’t hold back in the illustration department. The detailed images, including dissections, provide a clear roadmap to understanding gross anatomy.

So, if you’re venturing into the realm of medical studies, this book is like a guiding light, illuminating your path through the complexity of human anatomy.

What’s New On 9th ED?

  • All the figures have been redrawn to improve clearness.
  • Many hand-drawn illustrations have been added. This hand-drawn illustration help students to understand the figure easily which further helps in their exams.
  • Many new topics with different new features have been added to make this book best than others.
  • It is made easy with clear content than an older edition of the bdchaurasia.
  • The published has been taken care of standard clinical norms and practical implications


There are Four Volumes of BD Chaurasia of Anatomy and these are follows:

  1. Upper Limb and Thorax
  2. Lower Limb, Abdomen, and Pelvis
  3. Head, & Neck
  4. Brain & eyeball

BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy Volume 1 PDF (upper Limb and Thorax) FREE Download

The inaugural volume embarks on a comprehensive exploration of upper body anatomy. It’s a treasure trove of chapters meticulously delving into the intricacies of the upper limb’s bones, the pectoral region, the Axilla, the bones and joints of the thorax, the thoracic wall, the thoracic cavity, and the pleurae.

Venturing further, it unravels the complexities of the lungs, the Mediastinum, the pericardium, and the heart. The journey continues to uncover the mysteries of the superior vena cava, the aorta, and the pulmonary trunk. It navigates through the Trachea, esophagus, and thoracic duct, offering insight into their roles. The voyage concludes by mapping the surface markings and radiological anatomy of the thorax.

A pivotal aspect lies in the detailed exploration of the thoracic wall, thoracic cavity, pleura, lungs, pericardium, and heart. This comprehensive coverage makes the book an unparalleled repository of knowledge for aspiring medical students who are immersing themselves in the realm of human anatomy.

Book Name:BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy
Author:B. D. Chaurasia
Volume:Upper Limb & Thorax – (1)
File Size:158.3 MB
Direct Download Link

BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy Volume 2 PDF (Lower Limb, Abdomen and Pelvis) FREE Download

Within Volume 2, a treasure trove of knowledge unfolds, meticulously detailing various aspects. Delve into the intricate world of the lower limb as the book navigates through the Bones of the lower limb, front of the thigh, medial side of the thigh, Gluteal region, popliteal fossa, Back of thigh, front, lateral, and medial sides of the leg, and the dorsum of the foot. It further ventures into the Back of the leg, sole of the foot, exploring venous and lymphatic drainage, while also addressing segmental intervention and the comparison of lower and upper limbs.

The journey proceeds to dissect the joints of the lower limb, scrutinize the Arches of the foot, and unveil both Surface and Radiological Anatomy.

Turning to the abdomen chapter, the book meticulously unravels the mysteries of the anterior abdominal wall, delves into the intricacies of Male external genitalia organs, scrutinizes the Abdominal cavity and peritoneum, deciphers the Abdominal parts of the esophagus and stomach, maps out the small and large intestines, and explores the large blood vessels of the gut, among other vital aspects.

The pelvis section emerges, offering a detailed view of the pelvis walls, shedding light on surface marking and other intricacies. The seventh edition stands as a testament to dedication, having been re-written, thoroughly revised, and updated to provide an even more student-friendly learning experience.

Book Name:BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy
Author:B. D. Chaurasia
Volume:Lower Limb, Abdomen & Pelvis – (2)
File Size:211.13 MB
Direct Download Link

BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy volume 3 & 4 PDF (Head, Neck, Brain, & Eyeball) FREE Download

Bd chaurasia human anatomy 8th edition volume 3 presents reinforced material on Head, Volume  4 on the other hand highlights Brain, eyeball, and neuroanatomy. A CD containing respective videos on osteology and soft parts for better orientation of these topics and FAQs with answers and diagrams for proper preparations for examinations accompanies each volume.

Many new chapters and a lot of information is being added to bestow flavor to learning anatomy with beautifying interest, making it a bit fun and digest able.

Book Name:BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy
Author:B. D. Chaurasia
Volume:Head, Neck, Brain & Eyeball – (3 & 4)
File Size:214.4 MB
Direct Download link

BD Chaurasia’s Handbook of General Anatomy FREE Download

This edition of the handbook aims at meeting the basic requirements of the students of medical and dental science, Ayurveda, homeopathy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, yoga, and alternative medicine, who are newly admitted to their respective professional colleges.

Book Name:BD Chaurasia’s Handbook of General Anatomy
Author:B. D. Chaurasia
File Type:PDF
File Size:20.53 MB
Direct Download Link

BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy for Dental Students PDF FREE Download

BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy for Dental Students, 4/e has been thoroughly revised, especiallyHead and Neck and Brain sections, as per Dental Council of India’s recommendations. Many newdiagrams are added and therefore the previous ones modified. Some selected diagrams from the primary edition are adapted and incorporated.

Direct Download Link


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