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Essential Orthopaedics Including Clinical Methods, 6th Edition

The 6th edition of “Essential Orthopaedics” is a comprehensive and highly illustrated resource focused on fractures and injuries related to the musculoskeletal system. Ideal for undergraduate students, this edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, making it an excellent tool for revision. The book covers a wide range of topics related to orthopedics, including anatomy, fracture healing, deformities, bone tumors, spinal injuries, and degenerative disorders.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The book begins with a detailed review of relevant anatomy and then delves into basic principles and treatment methods, providing a comprehensive overview of orthopedics.
  2. MCQs for Revision: At the end of each chapter, a section of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) has been added to aid in revision and self-assessment.
  3. Treatment Methods: The book discusses various treatment methods and their indications, ensuring that readers gain a thorough understanding of orthopedic practices.
  4. Illustrations: The text is accompanied by a wealth of illustrations and diagrams, enhancing comprehension and providing visual support for various orthopedic topics.

Table of Contents:

The book covers a wide range of topics related to orthopedics and musculoskeletal conditions. Here is an overview of the chapters:

  1. Introduction to Orthopaedics
  2. Fracture Healing
  3. Deformities and Their Management
  4. Splints and Traction
  5. Recent Advances in Orthopaedics
  6. Approach to a Patient with Limb Injury
  7. Amputations, Prosthetics, and Orthotics
  8. Injuries about Hip Joint
  9. Injuries about Knee Joint
  10. Injuries about Leg, Ankle, and Foot
  11. Injuries about Shoulder Joint
  12. Injuries about Arm and Elbow
  13. Injuries about Forearm and Wrist
  14. Injuries about Hand
  15. Injuries about Spine
  16. Pelvic Injuries
  17. Injuries about Shaft of Femur
  18. Fractures in Children
  19. Deformities and Their Management
  20. Bone Tumours
  21. Tuberculosis of Bones and Joints
  22. Infections of Bones and Joints
  23. Tuberculosis of Hand
  24. Tuberculosis of Spine
  25. Arthritis
  26. Diseases of Shoulder Joint
  27. Diseases of Elbow Joint
  28. Diseases of Wrist and Hand
  29. Diseases of Hip Joint
  30. Approach to a Patient with Back Pain
  31. Diseases of Knee Joint
  32. Diseases of Leg, Ankle, and Foot
  33. Deformities of Spine
  34. Deformities of Neck
  35. Deformities of Chest Wall
  36. Deformities of Lower Limb
  37. Deformities of Hand
  38. Miscellaneous Conditions
  39. Miscellaneous Conditions
  40. Arthroscopy
  41. Joint Replacement Surgery
  42. Orthopedic Surgery

This comprehensive resource provides essential knowledge for understanding orthopedic conditions, their diagnosis, and treatment. With its detailed coverage, MCQs for self-assessment, and rich illustrations, it serves as a valuable tool for undergraduate students and individuals interested in orthopedics.

Essential Orthopaedics Maheshwari PDF FREE Download


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