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Unlocking the Enigma of Scleritis: A Vital Guide

Within the realm of ocular conditions, Scleritis emerges as a rare but formidable adversary, casting a shadow of concern over both vision and the structural integrity of the eye itself. It serves as a potential harbinger of systemic vasculitis, a life-threatening condition that demands swift recognition and intervention.

To navigate this intricate landscape, precision in clinical examination becomes paramount. It not only lays the foundation for accurate diagnosis but also paves the way for tailored investigations and effective management of scleral inflammation. This concise yet visually captivating text emerges as a trusted compass, meticulously crafted to guide the care of patients grappling with the complexities of scleritis and episcleritis. It is the creation of globally recognized experts who generously share their wealth of expertise and hands-on experience in confronting this challenging realm of inflammatory eye disorders.

A Resource for Diverse Practitioners

This book is poised to serve as a precious resource, extending its reach to a diverse array of medical professionals. From rheumatologists to immunologists, and beyond, all those entrusted with the care of scleritis patients will find valuable insights within its pages. Even consultant rheumatologists and registrants will discover its content to be illuminating.

Key Highlights of “Fundamentals of Clinical Ophthalmology”

This concise and elegantly illustrated text is packed with features that set it apart:

  • A trusted guide for the holistic care of scleritis and episcleritis patients.
  • Authored by internationally acclaimed experts who bring a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge to tackle this challenging category of inflammatory eye diseases.

Exploring the Chapters

Within its 125 pages, this book unfolds through ten distinctive chapters, all devoted to the intricacies of scleritis, a condition of growing concern in today’s world.

Table of Contents:

  1. Anatomical and Biochemical Aspects of the Sclera
  2. Classification of Scleral Inflammation
  3. The Pathology of Scleritis
  4. Episcleritis
  5. Anterior Scleritis
  6. Posterior Scleritis
  7. Infectious Scleritis and Surgically-Induced Scleritis
  8. Complications of Scleritis
  9. Investigation and Management of Scleritis
  10. Surgical Approaches to Scleritis

Meet the Author

The driving force behind this invaluable resource is Professor Peter McCluskey, a luminary in the field of Clinical Ophthalmology. With over three decades of experience, he has dedicated himself to the care of patients grappling with inflammatory eye disorders that threaten their vision. His prolific career is underscored by over 250 published articles, 24 book chapters, 2 applications, and even 4 novels.

Professor McCluskey’s impact extends far beyond the written word. His influence reaches global audiences through lectures at prestigious conferences, solidifying his reputation as a sought-after authority. His dedication has earned him excellent service accolades from prestigious organizations such as APAO, RANZCO, and AAO.

Within the hallowed halls of Sydney Eye Hospital, Professor McCluskey commands the largest tertiary referral facility in the Australian public sector for uveitis. His endeavors span clinical research, laboratory work, and participation in clinical trials. The painstaking effort he invested in crafting this book is a testament to his commitment to medical education and the betterment of future generations of medical students.

Fundamentals of Clinical Ophthalmology PDF FREE Download

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