Suicide History Taking Format

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Suicide History Taking Format

  1. WIPE
  2. I’m really sorry to hear that things had gotten so bad for you, nobody should have to feel this way
  3. Pc and Hx of PC
    • What did s/he do
    • Before
        • Precipitating events – how long been feeling this way
        • Preparation – telling others, giving things away, writing letters
        • Precaution – locking the doors
        • How long been planning for
    • During
        • What exactly happened
        • Under the influence of ETOH/drugs
        • What did he expect to happen – did you want to die
    • After
        • Discovery: how did you get found
        • Reactions: how did you feel being found
    • Future
        • If you were to go home now, would you do it again
        • Protective factors
  4. Psychiatric systemic review
      1. Hallucinations – visual, hallucination
      2. Delusions- grandeur, reference
      3. Thought disorder – broadcasting, withdrawal, insertion
      4. Depression screen – low mood, low energy, anhedonia, biological symptoms i. Any times when feeling high and manic
  5. Risk assessment
      1. How likely to do it again
      2. Harm others
      3. Harm from others
  6. Insight
      1. Any chance he/she is depressed or mentally unwell
      2. Chance of engaging in treatment
  7. Medical history, drug history, family history, social history:
      1. Establish social network

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