Top 10 YouTube Channels Every Medical Student Should Subscribe To!

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Embarking on the path of becoming a medical professional is an arduous yet rewarding journey. Amidst the sea of textbooks and lectures, the digital age has given rise to an invaluable resource: YouTube. This platform offers a plethora of educational content that can simplify complex medical concepts, provide practical tips, and inspire future healthcare practitioners. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 YouTube channels that every medical student should subscribe to. These channels offer a diverse range of content, from in-depth medical lectures to real-life clinical experiences, all presented in an engaging and relatable manner.

  1. Dr. Najeeb Lectures

Dr. Najeeb’s Lectures is a well-known YouTube channel that has been a guiding light for medical students for years. Dr. Najeeb presents complex medical concepts with remarkable clarity and detail. His methodical approach ensures that even the most intricate subjects become easily comprehensible. Through his engaging animations and real-life examples, he takes you on an immersive learning journey. Dr. Najeeb’s passion for teaching shines through, making his lectures not just informative, but also inspiring.

2. Osmosis

Osmosis is a dynamic educational platform that employs innovative teaching techniques to make learning medical concepts fun and effective. Their YouTube channel offers a diverse range of videos, including animated explanations of diseases, physiological processes, and pharmacological mechanisms. The visual approach aids in better retention of information. Osmosis also provides clinical reasoning videos that simulate patient cases, helping students apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

3. Handwritten Tutorials

Handwritten Tutorials is a hidden gem in the world of medical education on YouTube. What sets this channel apart is its hand-drawn diagrams and explanations. Martin Harpin, the creator, meticulously crafts each illustration and annotation, enhancing understanding through simplicity. Whether you’re grappling with the intricacies of the cardiovascular system or neuroanatomy, these tutorials offer a refreshing perspective that aids visual learners.

4. Armando Hasudungan

Armando Hasudungan is a medical doctor who has harnessed the power of YouTube to disseminate medical knowledge to a global audience. His channel features engaging videos that simplify complex medical topics, covering a wide spectrum of subjects from microbiology to immunology. Dr. Hasudungan’s enthusiasm and approachability make learning an enjoyable experience. His visual aids, coupled with concise explanations, cater to students aiming to grasp key concepts quickly.

5. AnatomyZone

AnatomyZone is a lifesaver for medical students navigating the intricate landscape of human anatomy. This channel provides detailed, region-specific tutorials using 3D animations and models. Visualizing anatomical structures in three dimensions can significantly enhance comprehension, and AnatomyZone delivers exactly that. From dissecting the musculoskeletal system to understanding the cranial nerves, this channel is an invaluable resource for mastering anatomy.

6. DirtyUSMLE

DirtyUSMLE is a quirky yet informative channel that uses humor and mnemonic devices to simplify complex medical topics. The creators understand that medical students often struggle with memorization, and their content is designed to make it easier. From catchy songs about drug classes to memorable visual aids, DirtyUSMLE helps you retain crucial information while enjoying the learning process.

7. Paul Bolin, MD

Dr. Paul Bolin offers a unique perspective as an emergency room physician. His channel is a treasure trove of clinical knowledge and practical tips. Through his videos, you’ll gain insight into real-life medical scenarios and learn how to approach them effectively. Dr. Bolin’s engaging storytelling style and emphasis on practical skills make his channel a must-follow for any aspiring healthcare provider.

8. Strong Medicine

Strong Medicine, hosted by Dr. Jordan Geller, is an excellent resource for medical students looking to bridge the gap between textbook knowledge and clinical practice. Dr. Geller breaks down complex medical cases, explaining the diagnostic process and treatment strategies in a clear and concise manner. His videos offer a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a physician, helping students prepare for their future careers.

9. Med School Insiders

Med School Insiders is a comprehensive channel that covers various aspects of medical education and the application process. Dr. Kevin Jubbal, a physician and founder of Med School Insiders, provides expert advice on study techniques, time management, and personal development. This channel is not just about passing exams but also about thriving as a medical student and future healthcare professional.

10. MedCram – Medical Lectures Explained Clearly

MedCram specializes in breaking down complex medical topics into easily digestible, concise lectures. Dr. Roger Seheult, a pulmonologist, simplifies medical concepts without sacrificing accuracy. This channel is particularly valuable for medical students preparing for exams like the USMLE or those seeking a deeper understanding of specific medical conditions.


In the digital age, medical education has become more accessible and engaging than ever before, thanks to platforms like YouTube. These ten YouTube channels provide medical students with a diverse array of resources, from comprehensive lectures to practical clinical insights. By subscribing to these channels, aspiring healthcare professionals can enrich their medical knowledge, enhance their learning experience, and better prepare for the challenges of medical school and beyond.

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