The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book by Simon Bricker PDF FREE Download

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The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book


  • Simon Bricker (MA, MBChB, FRCA):
  • Examiner in the Final FRCA.
  • Consultant Anesthetist at The Countess of Chester Hospital, Chester, UK.

“The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book” by Simon Bricker is a valuable resource designed to prepare candidates for the clinical science viva section of the Final FRCA examination. This book covers essential topics related to anesthesia, including pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, and physics, providing detailed information and valuable tips for success in viva examinations.

Clinical Features:

This book offers several clinical features to aid readers in preparing for the Final FRCA clinical science viva:

  1. Questioning Pattern: It includes over 150 viva-style questions that closely follow the pattern of viva examinations. These questions help readers familiarize themselves with the type of questions they may encounter.
  2. Clinical Points: Throughout the book, clinical points are provided to enhance the understanding of complex topics, making it easier for readers to grasp important details.
  3. Advice on Answering Viva Questions: The book offers guidance on how to effectively respond to clinical science viva questions, providing valuable insights into the viva examination process.

Key Features of the Latest Edition:

The updated edition of “The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book” includes several key features to facilitate learning and success:

  • Organized in an easy-to-understand format to assist readers in building confidence.
  • Provides advice on answering clinical science viva questions, improving the chances of success.
  • Offers general guidance on preparing for viva examinations.
  • Features detailed viva questions and answers, specifically tailored for clinical science viva examinations.
  • Covers anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and physics-related topics with in-depth discussions.
  • Provides a brief review of anatomical structures along with discussions on arterial and venous supply, diseases, and infections.
  • Includes over 150 specimen questions to thoroughly prepare for clinical science viva examinations.
  • Available in PDF format for easy access and review.

Content Details:

“The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book” is organized into six sections, each providing comprehensive coverage of relevant subjects:

  1. Advice on Answering Clinical Science Viva Questions: This section offers guidance on dealing with viva questions, managing preparation, and maximizing performance in the examination.
  2. Anatomy: Covers detailed descriptions of veins, nerves, and various anatomical structures to prepare candidates for anatomy-related questions.
  3. Physiology: Provides information on the physiology of various structures, helping candidates understand their functions and related questions.
  4. Pharmacology: Encompasses pharmacological interventions for different disorders, including discussions on various drugs and their effects on anatomical structures.
  5. Physics, Clinical Measurement, Equipment, and Statistics: Focuses on topics such as gas laws, medical equipment, measurements, and statistical considerations to prepare candidates for related viva questions.
  6. Answers to Questions: This section provides detailed answers to the viva-style questions, enabling candidates to assess their knowledge and understanding.

“The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book” serves as a valuable tool for candidates preparing for the clinical science viva section of the Final FRCA examination. It offers comprehensive coverage of key topics, guidance on viva preparation, and practice questions to enhance readiness for the examination.

The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book by Simon Bricker PDF FREE Download


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